Mobile Cassette

Mobile Cassette

Physical and traditional offices are being challenged than ever before. Office environments are getting smaller while employees are expecting more flexibility on the workplace.
PJ Production have embraced the development and designed this innovative mobile cassette, which succesfully can be used in portable offices due to the transportable design. The mobile cassette can easily be installed directly underneath the table or via mounting devices combined with plate(s) installed on the frame of the desks.
Besides the mobile cassette, the product line consist of several extra overs to complete the functionality and fulfil the demands. A colour-matching paper basket, for instance, can be applied along the side of the mobile cassette with an extra plate to ensure the ergonomically access.

2020-0700-9005: Mobile cassette in black
2020-0700-9016: Mobile cassette in white

2020-1200: Acrylic insert

2020-1100-9005: Plastic insert in black
2020-1100-9016: Plastic insert in white

2020-0900-9005: Paper basket in black
2020-0900-9016: Paper basket in white

2020-1000-9005: Laptop holder in black
2020-1000-9016: Laptop holder in white

2020-0405-9005: Mounting devices to the table in black
2020-0405-9016: Mounting devices to the table in white

2020-0404-9005: Plate to mounting devices in black
2020-0404-9016: Plate to mounting devices in white

2020-0800-9005: Extra plate to mounting devices in black
2020-0800-9016: Extra plate to mounting devices in white

Mobile cassette: 450 x 383 x 180 mm.
Acrylic insert: 345 x 163 x 25 mm.
Plastic insert: 344 x 164 x 19 mm.
Paper basket: 325 x 190 x 120 mm.
Laptop holder: 456 x 310 x 57 mm.
Mounting devices: 124 x 65 x 40 mm.
Plate to mounting devices: 453 x 150 x 92 mm.
Extra plate: 453 x 150 x 92 mm.

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