Laptop Tray 2014

Laptop Tray 2014

Laptop 2014 from PJ Production is a large tray with several functional options. The tray can be used for the laptop / docking station, personal storage, paper and more. It has a light expression with only 35 mm high front. The tray comes with 100% extraction and can be optimized by a series of extra accessories.

Standard colours are black, aluminum and white. Can also be painted in other colours.

4070-9005 Laptop tray Black
4070-9005-L Lockable laptop tray Black
4070-9006 Laptop tray Alu.
4070-9006-L Lockable laptop tray Alu.
4070-9006 Laptop tray White
4070-9006-L Lockable laptop tray White

4070-USB fan for extra cooling
4070-TR Pen insert
4070-Soft Softclose

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Download assembly instructions below:

Regular version

Lockable version

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